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The 18th round of the Chinese Super League kicked off today. The four teams in the qualifying competition took the lead. The Dalianians in the relegation group played against Tianjin Teda at 15:30 in the afternoon; Shandong Luneng in the championship group played against Hebei Huaxia Fortune at 19:35 in the evening. The second round of the semi-finals of the championship and relegation began to arrive one after another on November 2. According to the schedule, the second round of Wuhan Zall and Qingdao Huanghai is scheduled to be at 15:30 pm on November 2. Shanghai SIPG played against Jiangsu Suning and Shijiazhuang Yongchang against Shenzhen Kaisa in the second round. Evergrande and Guoan played at 19:35 on the same day.


As the sixth place in the Chinese Super League last season, Wuhan Zall has experienced a roller coaster-like development this season. From the 7 rounds of 5 wins at the beginning of the season to the last 10 rounds of 2 consecutive victories, his relegation was suspended for a time, and he suffered second-year relegation. The threat of the curse. Now the team has just completed a 2-1 victory in the third game of the second stage, defeating Qingdao Huanghai in the first round of the relegation decisive battle.


But unfortunately, Wuhan Zall lacked the courage to kill the suspense of the game. In the first round, Pangli obviously had insufficient response at the last moment, resulting in the team being recovered a goal. In addition, Dong Xuesheng directly thought about life alone. The suspense remained in the second round. Qingdao Huanghai can be said to be Wuhan Zall’s favorite opponent. After winning 2-1, he completed a wave of 7-1 crazy triple killings this season. In the first stage, he defeated Huanghai 2-0 and 3-0 respectively. Combined with the 2-1 victory, the record advantage is still quite huge. What is even more commendable is that the entire court suppressed the Yellow Sea and blasted 12 shots, while the Yellow Sea only had 4 shots.

但不幸的是,武汉扎尔队没有勇气杀死比赛的悬念。在第一回合中,Panggli在最后一刻显然没有足够的反应,导致球队追回了一个进球。另外,董学胜直接想到了独自生活。悬念仍在第二轮。青岛黄海可以说是武汉扎尔最喜欢的对手。 2-1获胜后,他在本赛季完成了7-1次疯狂的三连杀。在第一阶段,他分别以2-0和3-0击败了黄海。再加上2-1的胜利,创纪录的优势仍然相当巨大。更值得称赞的是,整个法院都压制了黄海并炸了12发子弹,而黄海只有4发子弹。

Therefore, according to normal performance, Zall is confident to complete relegation. Unfortunately, Zall’s road to relegation is still unstable, and the decisive battle is imminent. Luck continues to be poor. According to the latest report from Wuhan blogger “I’m Petroleum”, Zall’s relegation has not yet been completed and one person has been attacked by a certain Chinese Super League team To poach the corner, the blogger said that Zall’s main starting general, Liao Junjian, has received an offer from a certain Chinese Super League team. Currently, Zall has chosen to remain silent and fully relegated without replying.


In addition to other Chinese Super League teams that have disrupted the game, there are also injuries in the team. The three main lineups may have been reimbursed. They are Silva, Nahor, and Li Xing. Silva is It was the first to confirm the reimbursement for the season, and Nahor was suddenly injured in the last round and there has been no news of his comeback. Judging from the injury situation at the time, Nahor’s knee injury is unlikely to be cured in a short time; Team training, but reporter Zheng Xiaowei said that as the captain of the team, Li Xing has already been reimbursed for the basic season. Following the team's training, he only hopes to improve the morale of the team and play the leadership role of the captain. The coach confirmed that he will not risk letting Li Xing come back in advance.


The camp is full of wounded soldiers, and Zall’s biggest enemy is luck. In such an incomplete lineup, to relegation, the whole team needs to show the same fighting spirit as the last one, and at the same time avoid the recurrence of Dong Xuesheng’s “undercover” operation. Li also had to come up with a more convincing strategy to deal with it on the spot, otherwise it would be difficult for Zall to relegation.


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