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有什么靠谱的买球软件_张丹担任花滑青训基地总监督:身份在变 追求不变

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Teacher's Day,


In October 1998, Zhang Dan won her first double skating championship at the World Junior Grand Prix in Beijing. Then she and her male partner


With regret and hope, Zhang Dan/Zhang Hao started new preparations, but when sprinting for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Zhang Dan suddenly began to "secondary development", and his height quickly jumped from 1.62 meters to 1.70 meters. He and his partner Zhang Hao had been out of coordination many times, and the two began to suffer from injuries. "Injuries frequently occur, and it is more difficult for two people to continue. In fact, athletes know their own performance and training conditions very well, so at the time it was clear that even if we continue to reluctantly, we will not have particularly good results. So 2012 I chose to retire in 2016, hoping that I can be in a better state, or that I can try more life and more work when I am still young. At that time, I already knew that it might be difficult for me to think about it. , So it is better to choose to let his partner work hard and find a better future and future for himself." Zhang Dan said in an interview.

带着遗憾和希望,张丹/张浩开始了新的准备工作,但在冲刺2010年温哥华冬季奥运会时,张丹突然开始“二次开发”,他的身高从1.62米迅速跃升至1.70米。他和他的伴侣张浩已经失控了很多次,两人开始受伤。 “伤害经常发生,两个人继续受伤比较困难。事实上,运动员非常了解自有什么靠谱的买球软件己的表现和训练条件,因此,很明显,即使我们继续勉强接受,我们也不会好成绩,所以2012年我选择在2016年退休,希望自己可以处于一个更好的状态,或者在我年轻的时候可以尝试更多的生活和更多的工作,那时候,我已经知道这很困难让我考虑一下,所以最好选择让他的伴侣努力工作,为自己找到更好的未来。”张丹在接受采访时说。

After retiring, Zhang Dan has been working on figure skating promotion, and let more people accept and fall in love with figure skating in a way he likes. "When I just retired, I became a coach, but I found that what I wanted to do was not just teach a few kids how to skate. Later, I received an invitation from Wan Yu Fangfei. They wanted to do an ice dance drama. Thinking, this is more interesting, so I came here." Zhang Dan said. Although he was also performing on ice, from a retired athlete to an ice dancer, Zhang Dan experienced unimaginable ups and downs. After transitioning to a dance performer, Zhang Dan said that she is not sure that this is the right choice for her figure skating career, but she will work hard for her choice. "After a long period of rest, I haven't had such a large amount of training for many years. It’s really hard work to rehearse every day and try new things.” But Zhang Dan also gained a lot from it. The entire play was scheduled to make her feel like she was back on the court.

退休后,张丹一直致力于花样滑冰的推广,并让更多的人以他喜欢的方式接受并爱上花样滑冰。 “退休后,我成为一名教练,但我发现我想做的不只是教几个孩子如何滑冰。后来,我收到了万玉芳菲的邀请。他们想做一场冰舞剧。思考,这更有趣,所以我来到这里。”张丹说。尽管他也曾在冰上表演,但从退休运动员到制冰舞者,张丹经历了难以想象的起伏。转为舞蹈演员后,张丹说,她不确定这是她的花样滑冰职业的正确选择,但她会努力工作。 “经过长时间的休息,多年以来,我没有接受过如此大量的培训。每天排练并尝试新事物确实是一项艰巨的工作。”但是张丹也从中学到了很多,整个剧本原本计划让她感觉自己又回到了球场上。

Producer Yu Fei said that the original inspiration for the drama "Treading Ice and Chasing Dreams" was Zhang Dan’s experience. The drama also restored Zhang Dan’s scene from the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics, so Zhang Dan starred in "Ye Yao "It fits the character very well. "In fact, every athlete can find her own shadow in Ye Yao. For example, when she practiced in the local team, she felt that she was already very good, but when she entered the national team, she discovered that there are still many shortcomings to learn and improve. Haruka’s choice to retire or continue due to injury is also in line with the experience of many athletes-training boringly with injuries every day, many times he thought about giving up, but in the end, like Ye Yao, he continued to choose to recover and continue to fight on the field. "Zhang Dan said.

制片人于菲说,电视剧《踩冰追梦》的最初灵感是张丹的经历。该剧还恢复了张丹在2006年都灵冬奥会上的演出,因此张丹出演了《叶瑶》,这很适合这个角色。 “事实上,每个运动员都可以在叶瑶找到自己的影子。例如,当她在当地队练习时,她觉得自己已经很出色了,但是当她进入国家队时,她发现仍然有很多人参加比赛。学习和改进的缺点。Haruka因受伤而退休或继续的选择也符合许多运动员每天经历无聊的受伤训练的经历,他多次考虑放弃,但最后,像叶瑶一样,他继续选择恢复并继续在战场上奋战。

Zhang Dan not only maintains a good state of exercise, as a mother, she also knows the skills of communicating with her children very well, which has become her advantage in teaching. Today, as the general supervisor of the youth training base, she adopts a different model of "one belt, one" and "one belt with multiple" in traditional figure skating clubs, but a variety of standardized teaching models that are in line with international standards. On September 1, the first youth training camp was opened, aiming to screen and build a semi-professional youth reserve force system to contribute to the Chinese figure skating cause. Zhang Dan said that the teaching will follow four principles: focus on planning and summary, focus on training on the ice, focus on jumping and details, and focus on demonstration and communication. She hopes to use planned and targeted teaching to help children break through the bottleneck and quickly improve their overall strength.

张丹不仅保持良好的运动状态,作为母亲,她还非常了解与孩子沟通的技巧,这已成为她在教学有什么靠谱的买球软件中的优势。如今,作为青年训练基地的总负责人,她在传统的花样滑冰俱乐部中采用了“一条带,一条”和“一条带多条”的不同模式,但采用了多种与国际接轨的标准化教学模式。标准。 9月1日,第一个青年训练营开幕,目的是筛选和建立半职业青年后备力量系统,为中国花样滑冰事业做出贡献。张丹说,教学将遵循四个原则:注重计划和总结,注重冰上训练,注重跳跃和细节,注重示范和交流。她希望通过有计划和有针对性的教学来帮助孩子突破瓶颈,并迅速提高他们的综合实力。

"I hope that the establishment of Zhang Dan's figure skating youth training base can be a boost, so that all students who learn and love ice sports can learn something and become their own champion." Zhang Dan said, "You cannot become a professional athlete. Does it mean giving up figure skating? This is a problem that plagues many parents. We set up a youth training base to give some help to parents who are struggling, not only focusing on results, but also on the process. Figure skating will affect the children's body Quality, physical temperament, music appreciation, coordination ability, etc. have a positive impact. Learning figure skating is not only to become an athlete, but also to give children a space to recognize themselves, show themselves, and improve themselves.” (Reposted from October 14 "China Sports Daily" 01)

“我希望张丹的花样滑冰青年训练基地的建立能够有所帮助,以便所有学习和热爱冰上运动的学生都能学到东西并成为自己的冠军。”张丹说:“你不能成为职业运动员。这意大家都在哪些平台买球味着放弃花样滑冰吗?这是困扰很多父母的问大家都在哪些平台买球题。我们建立了一个青年训练基地,为正在苦苦挣扎的父母提供一些帮助,而不仅仅是专注于花样滑冰将对孩子的身体素质,身体气质,音乐欣赏,协调能力等产生积极的影响学习花样滑冰不仅要成为一名运动员,而且还要给孩子一种认识自己,展示自己和提高自己的空间。” (摘自10月14日《中国体育报》 01)

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